Board Meetings

Friends of Allensworth Board Meetings occur every month, except the months that host our special events. Board Members are required to attend our events, and we welcome your participation by telephone: 

Conference Number: 515-606-5370
Access code: 223786

Meeting Dates & Locations

Second Saturday in January Telephone conference call

No meeting in February: February is Black History Celebration (second Saturday)

Second Saturday in March (Allensworth Hotel)

Second Saturday in April (Allensworth Hotel)

No meeting in May: May is Jubilee Celebration (second Saturday)

No meeting in June: June is Juneteenth Celebration (Second Saturday)

Second Saturday in July (Allensworth Hotel)

Second Saturday in August (Allensworth Hotel)

Second Saturday in September (Allensworth Hotel)

No meeting in October: October is Re-dedication Celebration (second Saturday)

Second Saturday in November (Allensworth Hotel)

No Meetings are held in December


Current Members can pay their annual dues here: