Words from the President

Welcome to a new generation of leadership. We are a new board with 21st century ideas and we are looking forward to introducing Colonel Allensworth and the town of Allensworth, now known as Colonel Allensworth State Historic Park to a new generation. We encourage  you to join us as we move forward in our endeavors to keep front and center the history of the town of Allensworth by becoming a member and or supporting Friends of Allensworth.

We are a 501(c)(3) non profit that work in corporation with California State Park to raise awareness of the town of Allensworth and support the interpretive program at the park. 

We invite, not limited to, families, city officials, government officials, public schools, student with disabilities, the community, campers and the film industry to visit, utilize and sponsor events at the park. 

The history of Allensworth is rich California history as well as American history. People came from near and far to live in peace and to be economically free. A place where you did not only dream of a better life but a place where that dream become reality. 

Friends of Allensworth sponsors four events yearly to raise money for the interpretive program at the park. Docents are available, dressed in period clothing to educate visitors regarding the history of the park. Our general store is open on event days for your shopping pleasure. Food, arts and craft vendors, education, tours and horse and buggy rides are also available. We will have professors as well as others who are well versed in black history to further educate regarding history before and after Allensworth.  

In closing, our goal is that our legacy is that we provided awareness and education regarding Allensworth and the importance of the contributions of African Americans to California as well as America. And that the contributions of all Americans are what make America what it is today. 
I look forward to seeing you at one of our events.

Take care, 

Your president
Sasha Biscoe